Audio Repeater Pro
Professional audio streaming tool made for broadcasters and gamers
How to use multiple configurations?

Audio Repeater can load a configuration file via command-line arguments. All you have to do is run Audio Repeater using -config option with the path of the configuration file. Let's assume that you have saved your configuration file in "C:\settings" directory and the configuration file name is "MyConfig1.db64".

Command-line arguments to load that configuration file:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Audio Repeater Pro\Audio Repeater Pro (64bit).exe" -config "C:\settings\MyConfig1.db64"

Supply -start argument to auto start the streaming:
"C:\Program Files...\Audio Repeater Pro\Audio Repeater Pro (64bit).exe" -config "C:\settings\MyConfig1.db64" -start

You can use above command-line arguments within a shortcut file. So, you don't have to type commands to load a different configuration. Just double click the shortcut and the Audio Repeater will load the configuration file.

Create multiple shortcuts for multiple configurations as following image. So you can run them when you need it!

If you want to auto run the Audio Repeater for each configuration when windows boot, please use the "Startup Manager" feature of the Audio Repeater.