Audio Repeater Pro
Professional audio streaming tool made for broadcasters and gamers
How to start the Audio Repeater automatically?

You can use Startup Manager option of the Audio Repeater to automatically start the Audio Repeater when Windows boot. Right-click on an empty area of Main Window & select Startup Manager option from the popup menu to show the Startup Manager.

Enter any name for the Entry Name textbox. Then select Config Type. Select the Default Configuration if you don't have any configuration files. If you have a configuration file, then select Custom Configuration and then press the Browse button to open it. Check the Start streaming when the program starts option if you want to automatically start the streaming when the program starts. Check the Start minimized option if you want to minimize the program when it starts. (If you want to minimize the program into the system tray when it starts, check the Minimize To System Tray option from the context menu of the Main Window.) Press Add button to add the new entry. Then press the Save button to save the entry.

You can add multiple entries into the Startup Manager to run multiple instances of Audio Repeater when windows boot.